Thursday, April 3, 2008

Resting in God's plan....

Resting in GOD's plan!

Ever feel "stuck" in your life?? Ever wonder "why" God has you where you are? Ever wish you could hit a rewind or fast forward button to get out of your current situation? If so, we can relate to each other.

I have struggled in my life living the "if only" or "when x happens". I haven't always rested in peace knowing that God's plan is supreme! There have been times in my life that all God seems to be doing is closing doors..... I didn't want to see the doors he was opening. I tend to want "my plan" to be the focus.... learning to wait and trust God has been a lifelong lesson for me to learn.
I can be an impatient person! (especially with diapers.... I was sooooo ready for each of my 4 to potty train.)

God has been teaching me (for YEARS... you would think someone that graduated college with honors could catch on a little faster!) to rest in the moment! Don't try to worry about tomorrow or long for tomorrow and miss the TODAY! Today is important, today is a gift!!!!! I can never get TODAY back, I need to live focused and joyful in the TODAY! My today might not be perfect, but God can use me in whatever HE has for me today!

For a few years it seemed that all I did was nurse babies, change diapers and chase toddlers..... repeat, wash dishes, do laundry, nurse babies, change diapers and chase toddlers! I couldn't wait for those days to be over. I struggled with feeling alone, useless, unimportant, and was totally exhausted. Now my life is different.... not changing diapers any more (yeah), but I also don't have any babies to snuggle and nurse (miss that)... but if I'm not careful I can still find myself with the same old feelings. I guess that I was living a misconception when I kept thinking "when I'm not tied down with toddlers" or "when I'm not up to my eyeballs in diapers". Life is in the MOMENT, not in the "when".

I have been really rambling in this post......
I am going to ENJOY today! I am going to CHOOSE to appreciate all that God has put in my day because life is in the MOMENT!!!!!! Today is a gift God has given.....!!!

Have a blessed day,
Be a blessing!

One way to bless our families is with a healthy supper. Connecting around the table is important! With busy lives the "what is for supper?" question can bring stress, end this with


Anonymous said...

There's a country song out now called "You're Gonna Miss This" which talks about exactly that. It's so sweet. The last verse always makes me cry. My first-born boy left for boot camp at the end of January! I would love to go back and do it all and enjoy it all again! Gen

Farmhouse Blessings said...

What a simple but difficult lesson to learn! Life for us changed drastically last year when we were faced with the loss of one of our sons. He was restored to us us (Praise the Lord!), but now we know how very precious every moment is. Even that 4th request for one last drink of water before bed is a precious moment to love your young ones that can never be recaptured if we let the opportunity pass us by.

So glad you chose to visit. I can see that I'm going to love visiting with you as well.


Kate said...

This is such a beautiful, well-written post. I am still in that toddler stage and I do struggle with some of the feelings you talk about, probably way more than I'm willing to admit. I try to live in the moment...thank you for the encouragement to try more often!