Thursday, April 10, 2008


My youngest sister is getting married on SATURDAY!!!!! We are all so excited for her and her future hubby!

The bridal shower was a blast and I'm sure that the wedding is going to be beautiful. She has the wonderful opportunity to be married by our Uncle (a minister). My daughter is a junior bridesmaid! I am sooo glad it is her turn as bridesmaid.... I experienced my fair share! I will post pics on Sunday or Monday... Till then I will be busy with helping with last minute details. My other sister and I (there are 3 girls in my family of origin) are in charge of decorating for the reception. We had a wonderful "sister's night out" last Saturday as we shopped for all the decorations! Weddings can be stressful, but enjoyable.

Please pray with me as my sister, Sriyani and her Brent, begin their life as husband and wife.
See you all in a couple of days!

Since I have been extra busy this week I have been using my crock pot like crazy!
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Dawn said...

Oh, weddings are so fun! Hope you have a lovely day with nice weather. :)