Sunday, April 20, 2008

Youth Trurkey Hunting Weekend!

My daughter completed her Indiana Hunter's Safety course earlier this month. She was excited to get it done before youth turkey hunt weekend! Robyn (age 8) and Chris (my hubby, her dad) went out yesterday morning (they left at 5am and saw THREE! (2 hens and 1 jake) She was able to take a shot at the Jake, but unfortunately didn't hit her target (can I say nervous first time jitters?) She didn't get a turkey, but she did bring home some wonderful memories of time in the woods with her Dad. They even went out for breakfast together after the hunt! Now that is what I call a great Daddy/daughter date!

Yesterday evening and this morning, Chris took out our oldest son, Wesley(age 10). They saw some hens and heard gobbles, but never had a shot on a Jake. They had a blast.... good Father/son bonding. I really admire the way my husband enjoys spending time with our kids and passing on his love for nature and his enthusiasm for hunting, fishing and trapping. He has been so patient as he teaches the children the skills required for these activities. The children have thrived under his training and are great shots, love to fish (note I am not saying that they love to clean the fish!) and have respect for nature.

Today is going to be beautiful! This afternoon we are going to plant some trees and then Chris is taking the kids fishing. I have to finish typing up the next addition of Simple Family Supper!
Have a great Day!

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tammi said...

Ooo, I do think our hubbies would get along JUST FINE!! I had mine read this post and when he was done, he gave a disgusted sigh, stomped out of the room and said, "Up here, the girls have to be TWELVE before they can take hunters safety. That totally ROTS!!"

He's always talked about having our girls up in tree stands by the time they're 8 (they're currently 3 and 6), and this has him quite jealous!