Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Simply EGGS!!! What to do with them all!

CHICKENS..... EGGS! If you have chickens you are blessed! Nothing tastes better than a fresh egg!

It is Spring (even though it is slow coming to our neck of the woods) and that generally means that egg production goes UP!!! Mine are on the rise (although I know I have a RACOON or something steeling eggs... my hubby is going to take care of that! Or I am going to have to do some midnight target practicing... I think my hubby would prefer to take care of it himself!).

Even if you don't have chickens, eggs are a great source of protein... and even with the price increase the price per protein serving is still relatively low.

What to do with all those eggs???
Check out this website I found (my son brought home a brochure that he got on his Ag Day field trip). It has tons of great egg recipes and has a Basic 101 that does an AWESOME job showing step by step how to prepare the basic egg recipes.

Do you have a favorite egg recipe?? I would love to give it a try! We eat breakfast for supper in our home once a week. In fact we call it a "family tradition".....

With Simple Family Supper I plan 5 meals a week and leave 2 open for eating out, developing a "family tradition" or eating left overs. Click here to see what it is all about.

Have a great day!
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