Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cooking with Venison...

Works for Me Wednesday......

Cooking with Venison!
We are a deer hunting family! I had NEVER eaten deer or even really known anyone that hunted till I met my hubby..... wow, has my world changed! I have only gotten one deer (without my car), but hope to get another one this year. Our oldest two have completed their hunter safety course so they can go out next fall. Our daugter is excited!!!!

Anyway, cooking with venison is something that I struggled with at first..... I just couldn't get used to it and I thought it always tasted gamy..... well, not any more!!!! I learned the SECRET!

Secret to fantastic (you will never know it is venison) meat:
VINEGAR!!!!!!!!!! The acid totally takes away the game flavor! Period.... no more!
When I brown ground meat I simply add it while browning (I don't measure, but about 2 TBL per pound). When I make a roast I just always add vinegar to the cooking juices and I cook it in the crock pot.

I also Mass brown ground meat and then freeze it in meal size quantities... makes for a fast supper on the table. This principle is what I call "efficient" and "fast track" cooking. Saves me time and reduces stress! Simple Family Supper uses Efficient and Fast track cooking! Simplify supper time!


Brea in Texas said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to try this! My hubs doesn't hunt, but my mom usually goes once a year, and end up getting a nice sized deer each year. The best part? My mom hates venison, so she pays to have it processed, and I end up with a ton of free meat. Can't beat that.

I also find that I don't notice the taste as much in stronger-flavored meals (like spicy stews) when I used ground venison. But I'm going to try your tip ... maybe this evening! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Both my husband and I hunt. In fact, last year was my first year hunting and I got a deer with my bow and 2 with a rifle. Needless to say, we have a freezer full of meat that I processed myself. I also wrestle with gamy flavor at times. I am eager to try this! Also, once when I tried a vension chili recipe it required browning the ground venison with a cut up piece of bacon. I thought that worked very well and I've used that trick several times. Good luck this deer season! I'm trying to plan in some bow practice this spring. I really like a bow! I also didn't start that until last my bow just a week before hunting season! Also, thanks for your site! Loving it!
God Bless!

tammi said...

Thanks for the secret!!!! We usually end up with venison in the freezer each fall too and mostly it's just ground and steaks because marinade and tomato-based sauces remove/mask that wild taste, but now I won't be afraid to ask for other cuts, too!! Awesome!

Dawn said...

My mom makes the best deer! Mmmm! That is a great tip with the vinegar...not that I will need it. No deer over here. :(

kathirynne said...

Pouring boiling water over the meat has the same effect as vinegar