Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend love

Going Natural! Simple Mom has shared about giving up shampoo and now she shares about her all natural face cleansing regime. I am THINKING about trying this.... I have trouble with my skin... oily and breaks out often... even in my 30's! I have to get past some of my long held beliefs about oil.... Anyone use this method??

Attention LADIES: I read an excellent post reminding me of the importance of certain exercise... kegals to be specific. This is a very well done post and has made me remember the value to doing this kind of strength training.

Laughter is MEDICINE!! My husband LOVES jokes... I mean LOVES jokes! Now that he has texting on his phone he passes jokes around with his friends and then I get to hear them, too. This post by Hillbilly Mama does an excellent job of explaining WHY laughter and jokes are so GOOD for you!! No wonder my husband is such a healthy guy!!

Homemade yogurt: I have been making yogurt in my yogurt maker for a few years now. Today I came across this post that shares how to make it in your crock pot. It is also a sweet vanilla version with unflavored gelatin to make it thicker more like store bought. I am going to give it a try after my next grocery shopping day. Making yogurt at home is an excellent way to stretch the grocery budget and yogurt is so good for you!



Katidids said...

Great links! Yes we ladies have to do the kegals! I've picked up Rhondas recipe on DTE, having a hard time locating organic yogurt to use as a starter..

Jody Blue said...

I have teenagers who I am going to get started on the face stuff. Thanks so much for sharing this!!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Thanks for the links...I might have to give a couple of these a try!