Friday, October 23, 2009

Its fall BREAK and praise time!

Four day weekend off of school! The kids are HAPPY!! The weather isn't very cooperative so we will be having fun INDOORS today. We need some extra rest since we have all been taking turns with some kind of flu.

Life has been a little bumpy for us this month, but I praise God that HE is always faithful. The storms of life are never fun, but they do cause us to cling to Jesus even more. God has been so good to speak to me throughout the many issues we have been facing. Every time I open my Bible, turn on the Christian radio or Christian TV there has been a message that I NEEDED to hear. God uses the challenges of life to grow us and develop us. He is always faithful, providing for all of our needs!! Now I am ready to MOVE on.... at least that is what my FLESH wants... enough challenges!! LOL!!

This song has been a HUGE blessing to me (once again) and I am so thankful that God speaks to me and encourages me with song!!



tammi said...

A while back, an ROH broadcast dealt with testing and tribulation ~ possibly in this series on the letters to the churches in Revelation, I don't remember ~ and Nancy said she was sometimes asked who sent the trials: God or Satan. Her answer, she claimed, was always, "Yes."

They both test us or allow us to be tested, but for very different reasons. Satan tries to prove to God that we aren't as committed as we say we are, while God demonstrates to Satan that we really are. It really boils down to a battle for worship.

God has the believers' worship and Satan desperately wants it. With each new trial, he figures he'll finally get it, but each time we allow God to carry us through, even drawing closer to Him in our time of distress, we give God the victory. Which, I guess, is why Satan will undoubtedly try again! Somehow it seems to me that if we never felt tested and tried, that might be an indication that Satan was pretty sure we weren't giving ourselves wholly to God and therefore he didn't need to waste his efforts on us. If I look at it that way, I don't mind the trials so much!!

Glad to hear you're coming out of this tough time a little stronger than before! Have a great fall break!

warren said...

I love that song too...we sing that in church a lot and it just moves everyone...