Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No "POO" experiement update

Here I am... Day 2 and all is well in the land of hair! I rarely wash my hair every day so this was a 'normal' non washing day. Still feels soft and is not any frizzier than usual (with my curly hair).
I just read a post from Simple Mom that shares her ditching of the shampoo. Good read. Also, 'Chocolate in my Cranium" told me about this excellent post. I HIGHLY recommend reading this post if you are at all interested in going 'no poo'!

Day 3... washed my hair with the baking soda water (2 tbl baking soda dissolved into 2 cups of water). It takes very little of this rinse.... I will be able to get many washes with this batch. I used apple cider/water rinse for conditioner. This time I used a SMALL amount of coconut oil (rubbed in to my hair after towel drying) but NO other hair products. Result: My hair was VERY soft, but frizzier than I am used to and my curls were not as tight.

Day 4.... I washed my hair again (same as day 3) only used my normal hair styling products as usual. (I would normally not wash my hair on this day, but I just HAD to use styling products to eliminate the frizz... I probably could have just wet my hair down)!! My hair was GREAT today... very soft and managable, not frizzy. I am going to try to wean my hair off as many hair products as possible. I currently use a smoothing cream, curl gel all over, a spray gell on the top and hair spray..... YIKES that is a lot of product. My smoothing cream is almost gone so I am going to replace that with the coconut oil. I will see where this leads.

Tomorrow I will not be washing it...... I have always skipped a day so this will not be unusual. I am going to try skipping 2 days of hair washing this time (in case you are wondering... I will still shower!!)

So far I haven't had any major change in oilyness or dryness.... just trying to figure out how to deal with the curly hair part... I HATE frizz!!!



tammi said...

I've toyed with the idea of trying this myself over the last few years. I wonder how it would work on my girls' hair ~ one's is fine, SUPER-tangly (ALL the time!) and prone to greasiness, while the other's is much coarser and has to actually soak for a bit in the tub before there's enough moisture to work up a lather with shampoo. Very bizarre.

I sure wouldn't mind eliminating yet another thing from the grocery bill though!

Margaret said...

I've been using baking soda and water for almost a year and I will never go back. I used to wash my hair every day because it's quite oily and if I didn't wash it every day my scalp would get very itchy. Now I wash my hair every second day, and my scalp is never itchy. I don't use any products in my hair but then again it's always in a bun so whose to know if it's curly, frizzy or straight. I also started using baking soda and corn starch as an underarm deodorant and I'm liking that very much as well. The true test will come next summer when it's hot....