Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weekend love

Weekend Wanderings... Time to share with you some of the great on line places I have visited.... If you get a chance wonder around!!!

This picture was taken about a month ago at the local small town parade the children and I attended. So glad to see that patriotism is alive and well in our neck of the woods (or more appropriately, our neck of the corn field)!

These rain gutter book shelves are BRILLIANT.
Both Chasing Cheerios and Passionate Homemaking did a GREAT job! I see a project in our future! I love that they are narrow so they can be used behind doors.....

We heat our home with a wood stove. I use dryer lint as a fire starter all the time but hadn't thought about sharing it until I read this post.... She has some good tips.

When I grow up I want to be this woman, too!! Thank you Tammi for sharing this .... so powerful!!

Here is a great snippet I read... read the rest of the quotes here... I think that this would apply to my children as well as my husband. It makes me think about 'ma' on Little House: she was such a smiling person!!
“On another note, this weekend, I made it my practice to smile (or at least have a pleasant expression on my face) whenever my husband looked at me. We spent more time together this weekend than last weekend, and I think that’s the reason why. Who wants to spend time with a sad or angry person? I wasn’t really angry before, but I didn’t look happy, and therefore, was not attracting my husband like I wanted. I guess I was expecting him to think, “She doesn’t look happy; how can I make her happy?” instead of, “She doesn’t look happy; I’d better stay away from her until she gets over it.” Ah! Behold the power of smile!” (Kathy at 701)

If you haven't found Homemakers Homestead I would like to introduce you to my FAVORITE web forum!!! They are such a great group of wise ladies!! They aren't taking any new members right now, but Crystal opens it up for new members a couple of times a year. Until then you can read all the wonderful information.
Pinwheel hair clips are ADORABLE!! I found the link to this tutorial on Down-To-Earth, a favorite blog of mine. I think I might be able to make them and I think that I have a niece that would love them....


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tammi said...

Dang it, and I've been throwing my egg cartons AND my dryer lint out all this time!! Cool tip!!!