Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life as a "Country Girl".....

Is never boring! There is always some fun to have and some work to be done!
Highlights of the past few days:
  • My sister and her family came for the weekend and we butchered our second pig! It was a smooth process.
  • We have carried in a TON of wood and stayed busy watching the fire to keep it's warmth flowing throughout the house (the furnace has not ran in a LONG time)
  • We enjoyed home canned applesauce, jam and peaches
  • We ate SAUSAGE we made ourselves
  • Replaced the heat lamp in the chicken coop and did the usual chicken chores
  • Used the hose and then put it back in the basement (to keep it un-froze)
  • Scraped ICE off of windshields (no garage to park in)
  • Based our trips to town (20 mile drive to the big town) on wind chill factors... don't want to be out on the road when the wind chill is below zero... just call me a wimp, but I would rather be home by the wood stove)
  • Decided that I don't care if the overalls stay piled up by the back door for a while... they are being used EVERY day!
  • ENJOYING the un-obstructed views out my windows! AH, country life!!!



Leslie said...

Sometimes country life is hard, but its totally worth it!!

tammi said...

Thank heaven for woodstoves!!! We have had such an incredibly cold winter so far ~ way below normal. We've had only a handful of days where the temps were above 0F and far too many that were below -22F!, which is pretty unusual for December. I can't even imagine how high our electricity bill would have been if we'd been heating with the furnace!!

Our country life usually gets more interested in spring. You know, when the skunks and badgers and foxes start frolicking on the yard...