Friday, January 23, 2009

Join me! Building up Marriage!!!

Ahhh, love!!! Marriage can be WONDERFUL, God created it to be. However, sometimes it isn't so great. Marriage is HARD, we get hurt, we hurt our spouse. Feelings go up and down. It takes determination to make a marriage GREAT!! It takes maturity. I am no "marriage expert", but as a wife of 12 years I know that it is worth any effort we put into it! We have had our share of life's difficulties and I know that through it all I have a choice: build my marriage or tear it down. I am choosing to be a wife the builds rather than destroys.

Do you want to strengthen your marriage?? You may not FEEL in LOVE with your husband.... You many not FEEL like it would even be worth it... but it is! You might already have wonderful relationship or you might be on the verge of divorce... either way, this 30 day Challenge from Revive our Hearts Ministry is for you!!!!!!! Sign up and join the free yahoo group I have created. Starting Monday, January 26th, 2009, you will receive a daily "challenge" to build up your marriage!! Are you up to it?? Are you willing to invest 30 days in the love of your life?? Sign up now, and prepare for a challenge well worth every effort!!!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...'s just amazing - your blog parallels my life so much - today is my 12th anniversary.. i will look forward to the marriage challenge in my inbox tomorrow...