Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In the stillness.....

The day has wound down, the house is quiet... except for the hum of the dishwasher. The children are asleep in their beds after a busy day of learning, playing and laughing. Toys have been picked up and laundry hangs drying on the racks by the wood stove. The smell of fried chicken cooked in the large cast iron skillet on top the wood stove still slightly lingers in the air. The house is warm and snug as the fire in the stove casts it's heat. Blessings, the simple things in life that I am so thankful for.

This life on earth gives us plenty of opportunities to experience challenges, hurts and loss. Daily we are presented times of stress, disappointment and pain. What we do with these is up to us. The choice is there to make: do I choose to get swallowed up by the waves or do I choose to stand on solid ground? It really is up to us!

Tonight as I finished cleaning up the kitchen I turned on my favorite praise music. There is so much power in praise!! As I praised I once again released all the pressures of life into HIS hands!!!! He is my SAVIOR, my life is in HIS hands!!!! I praised HIM for who HE is! I worshiped him for all HE has done! As you face trials and stress, stand on the solid ROCK of Jesus!! He loves you, He died for you, He rose again to make us HIS!!! His arms are out stretched! Nothing we have done, or ever will do, can stop HIM from loving us!! What Grace, what Mercy!!!! Call out to HIM and REST in His love!!!!

Worship our Savior! This is one of my favorite songs and it always reminds me of HIS love, HIS plan, HIS faithfulness. The STORMS of life, the GIANTS, the HURTS, the DISAPPOINTMENTS don't stand a chance against the love He has for us!!!! STAND, STAND on the solid rock of JESUS!!!!!!


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