Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Give me a "V", Give me a "G"! Give me a Vegetable Garden!

Vegetable Garden!!!!
I bought some "spring mix" salad yesterday and eating it sure does have me ready for spring! As good as this salad has been, nothing compares to a salad fresh out of my own garden.

Back in the 1940's a campaign to encourage families (whether living in town, city or country) to plant a garden became known as the "victory garden" campaign. The nation had just come out of the Great Depression and were now in the thralls of WWII and war time shortages. People picked up on this Victory campaign and estimates are that in 1944 40% of all vegetables were grown in home gardens!!! WOW!! That is HUGE!! Please go to revive victory garden for more information about this campaign and also for basic gardening information. In our current economic situation gardening could really mean VICTORY for the food budget. (Long into winter is the harvest is preserved)

Now, I realize we live in a different world from the 1940's. Most people are VERY far removed from their food sources. However, I believe that gardening is very alive and that we can ALL grow something!

These are my garden grow boxes. Well, that is what they look like UNDER all the SNOW, but they are there!!!!! This picture was taken last April and before I planted last summer's garden.
A garden does't have to be fancy. When we lived in a duplex in town I planted 3 tomato plants along the south side of our building (under our living room window). It wasn't much of a garden, but those tomatoes tasted wonderful!!!! Every little bit counts.

How about you?? Are you a seasoned gardener or just now thinking about giving it a try?? What is your favorite thing to grow, or what do you dream of growing?? Every little bit counts! Think about it... If everyone grew JUST ONE meal of there own!!!!!!!!!



Michelle said...

Oh, my, Heather - those are beautiful! What a lovely sight today when it is cold and frozen!

I am going full bore this year. Thanks for defining Victory Garden - I never knew that!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I am going to up the ante this year...! Last year was tomatoes and cucumbers and squash...just to get my feet wet. This year I want to do MUCH more...all that and beans, carrots, melons, beets, sunflowers, louffas (how DO you spell that?!), bird house gourds...and if we get that house in the country, strawberries and asparagus! I want to plant it all eventually...and be able to preserve much of what I grow myself. I can't wait!

Morgan said...

You have a huge gardening area! We did one garden box this past year and hope to do more in the future. I would REALLY like to grow some fruit trees too!

Thanks for sharing!