Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Choosing Simplicity in Christmas.....

As follow up to this post, keeping Christmas simple is going well. We have scaled back the gifts this year (even more) and have been enjoying the simple things. Following my Christmas Control Journal (see flylady for more detail) and holiday meal plan is so helpful. Keeping things in perspective and not giving in to perfectionism is wonderful. For instance, our tree is up, but not decorated! I can't find the lights!!! (I only have 2 boxes of Christmas deco and the lights are NOT in them... I have no idea what I did with the lights last year!) Oh, well, we have enjoyed it plain till I get to town today for lights.

This year we "adopted" two elderly "shut in" women in the small town near us. It has been fun and felt so good to be focused on blessing them (they live on so little) and getting to know them. The little things mean so much to them... I can't imagine being so isolated! I am thinking about organizing a group of kids to go caroling at a nursing home..... honor the "forgotten" elders with some Christmas cheer.

My sister and I took our children to a local farm that goes all out with the Christmas lights... We drove their BIG loop THREE times with the kids. We sang Christmas songs and had an all around good time. My Grandmother gave me a BIG bag of Christmas material.... I had fun with all the kids making wall hangings. (Note: My 11 year old son is almost as tall as me and I am 5'9"!!!! YIKES!)

My sister took our family picture on Thanksgiving (Thank you Melissa) so we have a great picture to mail out with cards.

I can't really post my home made Christmas gifts... don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet (in case anyone is reading), but I can say I have been busy in the kitchen. I LOVE to cook and bake and these gifts have been well received in the past.
The "boys" and I had a fun time in the kitchen making noodles.... they were yummy on
Thanksgiving and we froze a few more meals worth.

Christmas music plays in the back ground as I type up this post. Focusing on celebrating JESUS and turning our HEARTS towards Him. Go here to listen online.

I have also enjoyed listening to some Midday Connection programs about Christmas. Go here to listen to "Debt proof your Christmas". Paying CASH for all Christmas related purchases really does simplify Christmas..... no more after Christmas stress. Remembering that it is the TIME spent together, the memories made that are the real gifts that last!!!! Even "country girl" Thanksgiving memories!!!

This Thursday we will be having a "Christmas Party" with the parenting group I facilitate with a local pregnancy center. I have some home made goodies for each family. Nothing much, but just a chance to celebrate Christ. I am going to be sharing my testimony that night... so PRAY for me and PRAY that hearts are softened to Christ and that the salvation message be accepted!!!!! What better Christmas gift than the knowledge that Jesus LOVES us and that His GRACE is the BEST and only lasting eternal gift!!!!!!

Thank you, Tammi, for hosting this!!!!!!!!!!


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