Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Friendship and Parenting Resource

Mmmm... a warm bowl of soup and a yummy salad.... Sharing both with a friend warms not only the belly, but more the spirit! Friendships are SO valuable, worth every effort, worth every tear and every smile!! Thank you, Leanne, for blessing me with a wonderful "night out" and wonderful conversation over soup and salad (at Olive Garden... one of my FAVORITE places)!! (Also, thank you for the FUDGE! My Robyn was SO excited... Dana's PB fudge is her all time FAVORITE Christmas treat! I even let her have a SMALL piece before she left for school... shhhhh... don't tell the "good" moms!)

Leanne and I did talk about our children... and our challenges with our "strong willed" ones came up. We each have one that is more challenging than the others. Anyway, I have been encouraged and challenged and HELPED by Keven Leman over the years. His new book is WONDERFUL! You can listen to him with Dr. Dobson on Focus on the family.... VERY good! Even if you don't have a "strong willed" child you will find a nugget of truth that will equip you in your parenting journey.



On Purpose said...

You my friend are a blessing! Thank you for loving on me and my family and for your prayers!

Leanne said...

I had so much fun at dinner...thank you! I'm getting that book, also! I'm anxious to incorporate the ideas into our parenting...

Windy said...

Thanks for the book suggestion. I put it on hold through my library. All 3 of my kids are "strong-willed" - everyone tells me that's a good thing. I just hope I can help them channel their wills in the right direction.