Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You know you are a country girl when.....

You have a great thanksgiving weekend and it includes butchering a pig!!!! Yeah, we did it! We butchered our first pig (we have always butchered our own deer and other game my husband brings home)! This has been on my "I want to do in my life" list! Check! We will be doing many more, I'm sure. It really wasn't much different then a deer. ( I will spare you the graphic pictures, but we decided that 75% of the American population would become vegetarians if they ever saw this process that gets the meat from the animal to their table!)

We have some friends that have a large hog farm... this particular pig had a pinched nerve and couldn't load the trailer so it was going to have to be put down..... My sister and her husband helped us butcher and they were able to take home the meat. Praise the Lord for the ways that he provides!!! Thank you, Dave and Sara!!!!!!!!

Here is my sister, Melissa on the left, and myself... we were a good team at wrapping!

My sister's husband, Reuben on the left, and my handsome hubby, Chris on the right!

We even made sausage! It turned out great!

With some deer meat we made summer sausage and other sausages...We made 11 rolls.... 9 are tucked in the freezer, some will be included as Christmas gifts.

I told my hubby if he ever needs another job he should consider becoming a butcher... He is good at it! We are quite the team and you really know you are a country girl when you consider an evening spent together butchering a great "date night"!! Seriously, folks, it is a couple of hours working, talking and bonding... you should give it a try! My sister and I agreed that we must be a rare breed to have enjoyed the time we spent together doing this.... I think we were born in the wrong century... we would have been great pioneer wives!!!!

If you want the sausage recipe just let me know... It was EASY!


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