Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It is easy to allow fear and worry to creep into the heart.... but don't fall into the trap! From the book The Maxwell Daily Reader, John Maxwell quotes Thomas Edison speaking during the great depression:
"My message to you is: Be courageous! I have lived a long time. I have seen history repeat itself again and again. I have seen many depressions in business. Always America has come out stronger and more prosperous. be as brave as your fathers before you. Have faith! Go Froward!"
Let's not allow ourselves to fear! Let's rise up in our FAITH in the Lord Jesus Christ! HE never fails us!!!!!!!!! With God all things are possible!!!

Today, if your heart is troubled, give it all to the one that loves you more than anything else!!! The one that created you, the one that gave His live for you!! Jesus loves you... He will be with you in EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

We can come out of any challenge stronger... if we face it with a determined and courageous heart, not with fear and defeat! If you are facing a huge challenge today, please email me (my email is in my profile) or leave a comment. I will PRAY for you and stand in the gap for you!!! When two or more are gathered together the spirit of the Lord is among us.... even if we are "gathered" via the internet!!!!! Praise be to God!!!!!



Anonymous said...

thank you for your loving words... and inspiration... your blog is simply beautiful, and your words fill hearts with gratitude and love. wishing you a blessed Christmas... maybe could you someday comment how to give it all to God? that is the one area I just don't understand, yet hear always..i pray, i ask, i give, and yet can't find how he's helping me through our troubles.. i see our blessings, but the troubles are just multiplying :(
how do i give my burdens to the Lord?

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I just found your blog last night and it was just in time! This post made me cry then and it's making me cry NOW. I really needed to hear it all...thank you for sharing. I read through a lot of your blog and was amazed at how much I related to you. About a year ago at our women's retreat a woman gave me 1 Thes 4:11-12 "Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands...so that you will not be dependent on anybody." At first I thought, "Me? Quiet?!" But after about six months I realized where God was taking me...toward a more self sustaining lifestyle. Not quiet in speaking...quiet in living. This last summer I grew some of our own vegetables, I taught myself to can (successfully, even!), we're looking into buying some acreage (this afternoon as a matter of fact!), I'm researching chicken ownership...ALL in an effort to "not be dependent on anybody." I, too, believe He is preparing us for "the winter"...and it's so nice to read about your journey and to know that others feel as I do. I thank God for leading me to your blog...

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I forgot to mention...I laughed so hard at your thoughts on making sausage! I am interested in that as well...I've read library books etc. I will do it someday. I can totally see why it made you so happy...just like canning and growing food...there is a purity about it. You know where the meat came from....you know what's IN your sausage...it all makes perfect sense to me! Don't worry...you're not the only one who might find it "romantic"!