Sunday, December 7, 2008

Matter of perspective........

What is life all about???? As a Christians don't we want our life to matter for the kingdom of God?? Don't we want to use our talents and abilities to serve Him?? Today our pastor asked us an interesting question.... I wasn't sure just how to answer it: "Is it possible for a Christian to achieve Victory in Christ?" Well, I wanted to say yes, but knowing our paster I knew it must be a trick question. His response: "No, we can not ACHIEVE victory.... We can only RECEIVE victory FROM Christ"! POWERFUL!!!!

We have been trained to think "What am I going to do today to serve Christ? How can I make a difference today? What am I going to do today?" We make our plans, write our lists and get busy. However, again, our pastor challenged us to stop asking that question and start living out this question: "Father, how do you want me to serve you today? How do you want my to use the skills, talents and opportunities you have given me? What is YOUR plan for my day?" How different would life be if we framed everything from the second perspective??

God, what do you want me to do today?? Who do you want me to reach out to today? What do you want me to pray about? What do you want me to give today? What do you want me to write on my blog? Do you want me to write on my blog? Who do you want me to call, write a note to, serve, help, etc. What do you want me to do in my home?? What do you want me to teach my children?? How should I help/serve/encourage my husband today? How should I spend my free time? What book should I read today? What TV show, what radio station, what internet sites, what conversations, etc. Where should I go today?? What/How should I spend my money? And the list goes on and on! If it were just a habit that before we did anything we asked God what HE WANTS us to do!!! I think this will revolutionize my life!!!!!!! Matter of perspective: "What can I do today to serve Christ vs. Father, what do you want me to do with my life, today?"

It is possible for us to RECEIVE victory in Christ.... as we live our life fulfilling what HE wants us to do... using our gifts, talents and abilities how HE wants us to in HIS strength (not our own trying to "make" things happen on our own). Living a VICTORIOUS life sounds great to me! I am going to hang up my own plans and seek his!!!!



tammi said...

Wow. Very thought-provoking, Heather! Can you imagine if Christians everywhere started out their day like that?!


Leanne said...

that was a great way to start the morning...thank you!