Saturday, September 24, 2011

You know you are a COUNTRY GIRL when......

I know I'm a country girl and I'm proud of it!  However, I sometimes realize how very different I am from some of my friends!  LOL!  That's ok differences are good.

Are you a "country girl" like me??

  A look back at my last few weeks.....

You know you are a country girl when.....

...... you open the back door and let out a good holler .... "supper is ready" to bring your kids in from the back pasture!   My sister did give me a dinner bell for Christmas last year.... maybe I should start actually using it!  LOL  Wait a minute... having a dinner bell might just make me a country girl, too! help your husband hang tree stands up in the woods in preparation for deer season! ask your friend (that just put together a whole new outside playground area for her kids) where the sand box is only to be told that sand boxes are not allowed at their house because they drag in too much dirt! oohhhh  ha ha!  Now that must be why I can't keep my house clean!  Blame it on the kids and their sandbox.  :) get excited to find 100% alfalfa pellets at the local farm store.  Now I can get GREEN into my chickens diet all winter.  The green leafy foods I feed them all summer .... read weeds from the garden... really make some very yellow yokes in the eggs.  Now we won't have pale egg yokes in the winter!!  yippee!! can butcher pigs right in your own back yard and then make your own sausage. hang clothes on the clothes line and then it rains so you keep them out there for THREE days! get excited when farmers start harvesting the fields because it means you can see the school bus coming from farther down the road!

What about you???  Got any "you know you are a country girl" experiences from your own life that you can tell me about??  Do you LOVE being a country girl??  I think it is just the best!

Have a BLESSED day,


Mrs. Stam said...

Love this post!!!

You are a country girl when you let you toddlers use tall grass as a hiding place to go potty, since they really really need to go

When you 16 months old plays with a cow toys and a frying pan and keeps saying, mmmmm meat, mmmm meat!!!!

when you have a brush for cleaning chicken poop out of their eggs in you kitchen

when rubber boots are your normal footwear, even in a dress!

When you who that rats will eat chicken feed if you don't put the lid back on, and able to kill those rotten even when your husband is not home

their are so much more, but I know you get the picture :-)

More than Survival said...

Mrs. Stam......
LOVE your list!!!!
I'm with ya totally on the rubber boots.... even with my skirts!
I'm not sure how I would feel about rats since I'm not very fond of mice. I will kill a mouse though!

Anonymous said...

I've been country and in Uni years city, I take country EVERYTIME!

ohiomom said...

I just love your list and have done each one minus the pig 'cause we haven't had the chance :). I have helped gut the deer and cut them up when hubby had to work, lol. You sound very much like me and I just love knowing I'm not alone :)

Leanne said...

I KNOW I'm not a country girl...but I love my country girl friends☺ and while I would prefer to shop and hang out at Starbucks, I must have a teeny-tiny bit of the spirit in me...because I have helped my hubby butcher more than one deer!! (my city girl friends are always AMAZED by that!) post☺

Anonymous said...

When you go out to the garden for a minute and get "distracted" only to come back inside and see monstrosity bread overflowing your bread pan--hmm...guess we'll make rolls today! :-D

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