Monday, September 12, 2011

life with a house full of boys can be stinky business!

Keeping them smelling good is almost a full time job!  LOL!  I have 4 sweaty and dirty males in our household to contend with. I really do think they smell better (and for longer) when they use a man's "Sport" body wash.  However, those small bottles of wonderful aroma are pricy.... what is a budget conscious, clean loving mama to do??  MIX!  I mix whatever manly body wash I can find on sale with equal parts liquid antibacterial hand soap.  I buy the giant hand soap refill bottles at our local wholesale store for cheap!  Thus I end up with a household of great smelling guys for half the price.  The Mens' Shower Gel has plenty of fragrance to be cut in half and still take care of the guys stink factor!!  LOL!  I do love my house full of guys, but I enjoy them so much better when they smell good!

Have a BLESSED day,

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