Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life with homestead animals.....

takes emotional detachment.  We butchered our 4 pigs today (we do all the butchering and processing our self) and tomorrow we will finish it all up with the sausage making.  Last night when I fed my four pigs for the last time I really had to deliberately not let myself get sad.... I have really enjoyed having them around all summer and since their pen is right next to the garden they have kept me company all season long.  Each one had a distinct personality and style.   The kids loved the job of spraying them down with the hose on hot summer days.  The pigs each had their own way of playing in the water.... one always wanted to drink it... one would run through it like a kid running through a sprinkler, one would just stand there and let you spray him down all day and the final one would just flop down and splash in the water!  I'm telling you they were a hoot!

I kept reminding myself last night that the whole reason we raised them was for our winter meat but I left the barn without a skip in my step.....  today I detached and did my job.  Now my freezer is full of farm fresh meat and I will be oh so thankful every time I prepare our dinner.... for now I MISS them... so I guess I'm not so good at emotional detachment after all.

Have a BLESSED day,

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Anonymous said...

Your pigs were wonderful to you & your children, how can you be so cold when you talk about slaughtering these smart, wonderful creatures God gave us???You must have nightmares about what you did to them... if you are human.