Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Choosing Simplicity in household management for those of us not born organzied......

I will be the first to admit what anyone who knows me in real life will tell you...... I am not the most detail oriented person you will ever meet!  I am a big picture person, a creative person, an idea person.  However, life with a family requires ME to keep everything together (well except I have given up on the basket of mate-less socks)!  I've give up on being like my super organized, detail loving sister who always has all her socks matched up.....  It just causes me too much stress.

I am who I am because it is how GOD made me!!  YOU are who you are because GOD made you!  He did NOT make a mistake!!!  YOUR strengths were give to you as part of your divine plan and purpose.  Rather than fight who I am I choose to embrace it!  ENJOYING what I love about me and working to overcome the areas where I struggle.  Each of us has a specific set of strengths and weaknesses.  We use our strengths to overcome our weakness.  God wants us to operate withing the DNA He gave us!  That to me is so freeing!  I don't have to be like anyone else.... they don't have to be like me!

Since I am not born organized, as flylady calls it, and details elude me, I have to WORK to stay organized.  I need systems to guide me without restraining me.   I tend to go in spurts.... really focused for a while on keeping the house clean and de-cluttered and then giving up.  Neither is going to work for my family in the long run.  I need balance.  I have been seeking God on this subject for so long that I wonder how he can even stand to listen to me anymore!  LOL!  However, God is faithful and has brought me oh, so far!

My journey to simplicity all started from a feeling of living life overwhelmed... all... the .... time!  Always feeling like I was ten steps behind where I needed to be.  This journey has taken me so far and I am so thankful I am NOT where I was!  I learn daily to walk in grace and mercy.  I focus to live out the life GOD predestined for me!

Soooo.... how does this all come together for simplicity in household management??  Well, first let me say that I have to make it a daily priority.  There are HUNDREDS of things I would rather do than wash dishes or fold laundry.... hundreds.  It takes that big  scary "D" word....... discipline!  Some days I truly rebel and let the dishes pile up only to need a double dose of discipline the next day to get them done.  yuck!

In proverbs 1:7 it says that a fool hates wisdom and discipline.... ouch!  I don't want to be a fool!  I want to be wise and walk my days here on earth embracing discipline. 
After really seeking God (again.....) on how to better embrace wisdom and discipline in the area of home management He has lead me to a plan that really works for our family.  I'm not saying it is the plan for you because we are all different, but I wanted to share it with you in case you are like me and need a little guidance in this area.

Basically, all it boils down to is getting some BASIC things done EVERY DAY!!  Using discipline in my life to get theses things DONE before anything else!  I love to get sidetracked doing things I enjoy (like being on the computer, reading a book, picking flowers, taking pictures, visiting my chickens, talking with a friend, hanging out with my kiddos and husband.....).  This plan gives me FREEDOM because when these everyday things are done everyday there is MUCH LESS stress in my life!  I can then enjoy other things without the guilt of knowing the dishes are piling up!

I made up a chart and hung in to the fridge.  I gave everyday tasks to each of my children (after all we are a family and all have a role to play).  If they complain about their tasks I will gladly trade them!  I haven't had any takers on that one yet.... darn!

I don't force myself to do these things in the same order every day.... I just can't fit that tight into a mold.  However, I have found a good flow of one leading into another that works really well.  My kiddos do there duties after school.  I try to get mine done first thing in the morning, but sometimes have to finish up in the evening on days I work (a couple of days a week).  Ya know what??  It is amazingly wonderful how doing these simple things everyday really does keep the stress level down and our home running much smoother!  I know... shocker!  Remember.... I'm not born organized like you! 

·      Wipe down Master Bath
·      Dirty Laundry
·      Make Bed
·      Tidy Check Bedroom
·      Tidy Check Living room and wood stove room
·      Unload/reload dish washer
·      Hand wash dishes
·      Prep supper
·      Do laundry
·      Chicken chores
·      Zone task

·      Sweep:
Living room and wood stove room
·      Dirty Laundry
·      Clean Laundry
·      Tidy Check bedroom
·      Sweep:
Kitchen and Dining Room
·      Dirty Laundry
·      Clean Laundry
·      Tidy Check bedroom
·      Take out trash in kitchen and bathroom
·      Clean floor and wall by trash can in kitchen
·      Tidy Check bedroom
·      Wipe down bathroom
·      Sweep bathroom floor
·      Tidy Check Bedroom

Have a BLESSED day, BE a BLESSING! Heather


Leanne said...

I like your system...I'm organized, but sometimes I really do get overwhelmed☺☺ I thought your post was great!

Unknown said...

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Becca said...

I found your blog by searching for liquid dishwasher detergent on Pinterest. Thanks, by the way :) Then of course had to explore the rest of your blog... I have a similar cleaning/shore system. I made it several months ago, but kept putting it off. I finally started sticking to it during the past 2 weeks & what a blessing! I have everyone's daily chores written on my chalkboard w/ important dates then I also add an extra chore for the day (things that really only need attention once a week).