Monday, September 26, 2011

Making Mistakes! Making Right.

Oh, how very many mistakes I make.....

How often I goof up and don't handle things right.

 This morning was one of those mornings.  The Monday morning madness.  Try as I may I don't always have smooth sailing.  I said stinging and hurtful words to my daughter.  She got hurt and said stinging and hurtful words to me.


Can we just all go back to bed and start over??

No.  Drat.

I repent.  God forgives.  But the hurt is still there.  God, how do I make this right?  How did it go so wrong?  The truth?  EXPECTATIONS were not met.  She did not meet mine, I lashed out.   If we had just communicated earlier we would have been on the same page.  Learning this lesson..... AGAIN!!  Why am I such a slow learner??

Dropped the boys off at the bus stop and kept daughter with me.  I drove her the long way to school so we could talk.  Repented to her, asked her forgiveness.  We talked over what happened and how we should have handled all things concerned.  We grow.... together.... in this thing call life.  We grow.... together in learning to be more like Christ.  We have a heart to heart about some of the things that are causing each of us stress.  We determine to support and encourage one another rather than create more frustration.  We create a plan for expectations for the rest of the week.  Learning.  Loving.

By the time she headed into school the tears were replaced by smiles.  We prayed together and we gave our day to Christ.  Oh, am I so thankful for God's love, mercy and grace!  I am thankful that God never gives up on me and that HE works in our life!  Life will never, ever be perfect.... but with the Lord it is never hopeless!

Have a BLESSED day,


Cary ~ My Wool Mitten at Serenity Farms said...

I am sooo glad to read your regular posts again (and yes I do completely understand the break from technology, LOL!) You are a joy and an inspiration and so many times when I am reading I smile in understanding, while other times when you share the "realness" of your days I smile with an "ah-ha" moment!

Thank you, bless you, please be encouraged that your words are being used of the Lord ;D Have a wonderful day!

Leanne said...

wow...that really spoke to my heart today...I can't even tell you☺ Your sweet young lady is blessed to have you as a Mama☺

Unknown said...

simply wonderful!
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