Monday, February 14, 2011

Sometimes I'm a grump....

Yep. Grumpy. Not pretty.

Not good.

Not cute.

What to do about it??

Admit what is really at the root.... what is really bothering me?? Sometimes life is HARD!

Should I really take it out on my family? NO!

Oh, Jesus, forgive me!! Family forgive me!!

Deliberately CHANGE my attitude.. yes, that can be done. Hard, but very, very possible.

Rest in GRACE, move on.

Smile, be thankful, be content.

Give a hug, receive a hug.

Eat some chocolate!

Turn on some praise music

Get some extra sleep.

How about you?? How do you handle the grumps??

Have a BLESSED day,

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1 comment:

Leanne said...

go for run
eat some chocolate
drink some coffee
drink a diet coke...
then eat some more chocolate...
remind myself why I need to run so much!☺