Friday, February 4, 2011

The fight is on and my family is not going down!

The battle line has been drawn. We will not give up. We will FIGHT to the end.

What are we fighting for?? Our FAMILY! Family in our modern world is under attack and the casualties are continuing to mount.
It is war and we have to stand up, take up our weapons and fight.

In my own family we have had a couple of seasons where we took some good hits and had some deep wounds to bind. With the power of God He heals and restores. It takes constant determination to keep family the focus and keep us strong, connected and operating in love.

One of the best weapons to use in this war for our family is shared meal time. Eating together brings us closer to each other. Conversation, laughter, TIME! Jesus set this example for us by sharing meals with his disciples and with many others. We all have to eat.... we can use this time to BUILD relationships!!!

I want to help you!!! The entire month of February I am giving away a FREE complete copy of my Simple Family Supper February Menu Plan Kit E-book. Download your copy today and use this tool in your fight for your family. Treat your family to a SIMPLE, easy to prepare, meal tonight!!!!

This menu plan kit includes:
*4 weeks of menu
*all the easy to prepare recipes
*weekly shopping lists
*tips and techniques

Please share this give away with others.... It is my heart's desire to equip as many families as possible with some meal time help!!!!

Have a BLESSED day,


Don and Shelly said...

Heather, we loved the way to began this post and the "spunk" behind it. We're new to your blog and are looking forward to reading more of your thoughts. By reading blog posts we feel it's like being invited into someone's kitchen for a cup of coffee and good conversation. Based on that, we'd certainly enjoy reciprocating. If you have time, please visit us at We're all about fighting for Biblical marriage, families and everything simple and wholesome. God bless you!

Rachel said...

I linked to this in my blog.

Hope you don't mind!

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