Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's OK to have some convience foods in your kitchen!!

Really, it is OK!! Big weight off the "cook from scratch" shoulders.

Perfection is a killer. We too often hold ourselves to unrealistic expectations. Yes, I want the BEST for my family. I want them to eat healthy and yummy food. However, ultimately what is BEST for them is having a CHEERFUL Mom!! When I get over stressed I'm not always so cheerful... in fact we had some extra stress this week and some things had to give.

There are days that convenience food is PERFECTLY perfect for our family. This week we had cold meat sandwiches and frozen pizza!! Yep, and they were yummy! Yesterday was a more "normal" day and I was able to get some yummy bacon, cheddar and veggie chowder in the crock pot. We sat at the table and ate a made from scratch, whole foods meal. Know what?? It was great food but the time together at the table is what matters most! Whether it is a frozen pizza, PB&J's, cereal or a made from scratch meal it is the FAMILY time that matters most!!

So, let me give you some encouragement.... it is OK to have some convenience foods in your life. Your kids NEED a smiling mom!

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Have a BLESSED day,