Sunday, February 27, 2011

Helping my children WALK with Jesus!!

Keys for Kids!!! We LOVE it! Growing up it was a part of our family devotions. I loved the stories as a child and learned so much about God. Today, I am the parent helping my children learn to WALK their everyday life with Jesus and we use Keys for Kids as part of our tools.

We have used Keys for Kids for five years and this year we started using the PODCAST version. After all those years listening to MOM (me) read (the printed version of Keys for Kids) the kids find it MUCH, much, much cooler to listen to Uncle Charlie! I have to admit, hearing his voice brings back wonderful memories of listening to the Children's Bible Hour when I was young.

The stories in the Keys for Kids really make WALKING out the word of God come alive. The stories are very relate-able, realistic and interesting. The Godly principles taught will last a life time.

So, what do my kids have to say??

My oldest son Wesley (age 13), says that Keys for Kids is a good devotional to use because "the stories are good and apply to real life even though I am getting a little old for them". My daughter, Robyn (age 11) enjoys Keys because "It helps helps me get through the day because they help me learn what to do". My son Ethan (age 7) says he likes Keys for Kids because "I love God and they help me learn about my life and what to do." My son, Nate (age 6), says Keys is good because "we love God and it helps us to learn not to say bad words and other bad things and it helps our heart".

If you are looking for a way to help FEED your children's SPIRITUAL life you might enjoy Keys for kids, too!! If you are already using Keys, what is your favorite thing about this devotional?? Did you use Keys for Kids when you were growing up??


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Abbi said...

We did have fun reading Keys for Kids when I was a child. I didn't know they were still making them.