Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monumental enrollment!

The "Special Plate" was out for dinner last night! Ethan ate his dinner from the 'Special Plate' to celebrate Kindergarten Round-up (enrollment night). He is SO excited..... We held Ethan back from school last year, so he will be one of the very oldest in his class. We are so glad we made that decision... he will be going in strong! Ethan just doesn't want to wait till next August to start... he wants to go NOW!

We had an all around fantastic day yesterday. It was WARM!!!!!!! High in the 70's!!!!!!!! I couldn't bear to spend the day inside, so I called a friend and we met at the park for a picnic. My kids (the two youngest ones that were with me) actually got a little pink from the sun.... It never even crossed my mind! A front is coming in this afternoon that will bring temps back down to normal. I have a serious garden itch!

Over the weekend we worked in the yard.... we got the rest of the sticks picked up (they just kept falling from the ice storm we had back in December). I also pruned our fruit trees. We have 2 producing peach trees, and the other 22 trees are still "babies" that we planted over the past few years. We also trimmed back the bushes and cleaned out flower beds. If was wonderful to spend the afternoon working as a family... the yard looks great!

Hanging clothes outside has begun for the year! I hung my first 2 loads on the line on Monday (I was too busy playing to get any laundry done yesterday! LOL!). Hanging clothes on the line marks the start of spring to me!!! It is the one part of doing laundry I can say I enjoy.

Today I have another busy one... especially since I "played" all day yesterday!!!


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tammi said...

I SO need to move further south.