Thursday, March 26, 2009

101 ways to CHOOSE SIMPLICITY (6-10)

Choosing Simplicity... 101 ways to make baby-steps to a more simple life. Read the first installment of this series here. Some of these are very practical ways to simplify your daily life, others are matters of the heart and attitude.

#6 Live in the NOW, not in the "when", "if" and "someday". Enjoy the season of life you are in now... don't wait to live life to the fullest some time in the future. Life is a journey, not a destination!!! What is your favorite thing about today?? Focus on that. Take time to live in the moment of TODAY! Spend a few minutes really focusing all of your 5 senses on an experience today. Stop to smell the roses! Don't let time slip by without LIVING!

#7 Keep a flash light by your bed and in other designated locations. The power never goes out at a convenient time.... being prepared will prevent stress and probably a few stubbed toes! Keeping a flash light in your "Safe Place" (where you go during a tornado warning) is a very good idea. It is very common to loose power during bad storms and there is nothing like being stuck in the (creepy) basement with all the kids during a storm in the complete dark! YIKES! (Don't ask how I know about that!) It is also a good idea to keep a flash light in the car. Just know where the flash lights are (and loaded with batteries).

#8 Have one area in a room you decorate for the seasons.
Create a focal point in the room and keep it simple by not decorating the whole room! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy decorating for the holidays, but it can be a lot of work, cost a lot of money and be cluttered. Choosing one area in designated rooms to focus on is very freeing!

#9 Establish a "LIBRARY" zone in your home. We have a basket that we take to the library with us and when we get home library books stay in it. We take a book out to read and put it right back in!!! It really helps keep track of library materials. Also writing the due dates on the calendar is a big help. (I know from experience the fines that mount up when you forget to take the dvd's back on time!) From now on the dates go on the calendar!!!

#10 Keep an on going list on the side of your fridge for food and household items that you are running low on. Teach your family to add to this list. It will make creating the shopping list a sinch and nothing says 'I love you' like never running out of toilet paper! Being organized with shopping will save you both time and money.

Come back next week as I cover 5 more ways to Choose Simplicity!



Samantha said...

I am really enjoying your blog,
thanks for sharing the great ideas !
Have a very blessed day.

Leanne said...

We have a bag that has the word "books" embroidered on it! Its for the same keep library materials together, and to teach responsibility. I keep all my emergency lighting in a designated spot also! You are right, the power going out is never convenient! These are great posts...thank you!

Anonymous said...

I really like your #8 suggestion about seasonal decorating--great idea!! And #9--yeah, we took 5 dvd's back to the library a week late not too long ago, and OUCH! :P

I'm looking forward to digging around your blog for more simple life ideas. Thank you!