Monday, March 16, 2009

101 ways to CHOOSE SIMPLICITY (1-5)

Modern Life is WAY too complicated! I am on a mission create a SIMPLE and joyful life for our family. Over the weekend I wrote down a list of 101 ways to CHOOSE SIMPLICITY. I will be doing a weekly series covering these easy ways.... we can baby step our way to a more simple life! Most of these 101 things I already practice, however, some of them I need to implement or re-implement. The 101 ways are not listed in any particular order... just how they flowed out of my brain. Some are philosophical of nature and many are practical.


1) Admit that having a more SIMPLE life is a DELIBERATE choice that you have to CHOOSE! This is why I call my blog "Choosing Simplicity"..... it is a daily, moment by moment choice. It is a way of life. One of my favorite sayings is: "If you don't aim at a target you will miss it every time". CHOOSING simplicity means that you make daily choices through a simplicity filter. It must be a DELIBERATE choice... simplicity requires active participation... life is not simple by nature!

2) "Have what you want and want what you have!" Contentment is KEY to living a simple life. More is not the answer to peace and joy. Living with a content attitude will impact every aspect of your life. I am not talking about being content to "stay the same".... learning and growing is vital. Contentment of heart frees you up from the bondage of "more, better, if only, when, someday, etc". Contentment gives you peace in the moment rather than longing for the next.

3) Create a "Launch Pad".
I learned this from FlyLady... it really works!!! Have a designated place that you put things that you need to take with you when you leave. We have a place right by the door that we put things.... Put EVERYTHING you have to take with you.... Start the night before!! If you have to leave first thing in the morning having everything by the door ready and waiting is a huge way to keep life simple! Train your children to put everything they need to take on the "Launch Pad". Children will take these simple habits with them into their adult lives!

4) Teach children how to do household tasks.... "train yourself out of a job"! We are raising future ADULTS, not future children. They need to have these vital skills. "Many hands makes light work!" Our children have everyday 'because you are part of this family' chores and they have 'Pay Jobs' to earn money for their wants. I can not tell you how wonderful it is to have children with SKILLS!!! Last evening I wasn't feeling very well, so my 9 year old daughter volunteered to make Mac and Cheese for supper last night! She did it ALL and it was VERY good! I do think it is important that children have ample "Play Time" to "be children". However, it is all about balance!

5) Know what you are fixing for supper! Live with a plan. Planning menus is gaining back popularity, especially as folks are eating at home more to save money. Eating simple, healthy, easy meals at home will simplify your budget, increase your health, and build memories around the table. Do what works for you. Some families have a very detailed plan for all meals, others just plan suppers, and others just have a list of meals that they have ingredients for. Find a "meal plan" system that works for you and then USE it! Eliminate the "What is for Supper?" stress from you life! I am so passionate about families sharing meals together that I created www.SimpleFamilySupper to provide an EASY, family friendly, budget savvy plan for families. It is a good blend for me: something I am passionate about and a way to earn some money as I stay at home with my family.

So, what do you think?? Do you CHOOSE SIMPLICITY by doing any of these things? Would you be willing to share how it works for you?

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tammi said...

I love this ~ I'm so glad you decided to do this series!!

Simplicity is definitely a deliberate choice, but one that is becoming increasingly common ~ voluntary or otherwise!! (But it's so much easier when it's by choice!)

These are a great place to start.

tammi said...

Haha, sorry, that was ME up there ~ under my test blog name!!

(and haha again ~ my word verification was TATERBOY!!)

Niki Jolene said...

Lovin this series..thanks!