Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A close call with coyotes!

Country life is full of excitement..... sometimes just not the kind you want!
Hubby and I were woke up at 2:30 in the morning to sounds of our dog barking on the front porch (right by our bedroom window). His bark was then joined by at least the yips of 3 coyotes, and some fighting sounds. I JUMPED out of bed and ran to the front door..... the coyotes ran off.... but I couldn't find our dog, Copper (a small ratterier) . I called and called and called.... nothing. Quiet.... I went back to bed and couldn't sleep. I was SO mad, so SAD! About an hour later, I had just drifted back to sleep and much to my relief Copper was at the front door barking!!! He seems fine! Praise the Lord... Ethan would be crushed to loose HIS dog. From now on, no matter how nice it is, Copper MUST come in to sleep in his cage. This is a good reminder why we don't go too far from the house after dark. We have never had them be so bold as to come to the front porch!!!!!



tammi said...

Goodness, you've got BRAZEN coyotes down there!! We had one on the yard once (way in the back by the barns and in broad daylight), but that's the only time we've ever had them on our yard.

Of course, we and our neighbours living right across the road both have large dogs ~ theirs is quite fierce and territorial (with other animals, anyway) and ours is a complete chicken, but has an incredible bark. The kind that inspires fear in any man or beast! I'm guessing that's why we haven't had issues.

But hubby keeps talking about getting chickens and rabbits, so if that ever happens, I'm sure we'll have more coyote and fox trouble.

Erin said...

wow. thats one thing i don't miss although to be able to support an animal so high up on the feed chain you must live in quite the rural area. :)

The Three Little Bears said...

Thank you for sharing, I just found your blog. Look forward to reading more!

I just moved from the city to the country and we're trying to live a more simple life, so I really love blogs such as yours.