Thursday, March 26, 2009

Living a RICH life

I CHOOSE to live RICH! "Poor" is a mindset. There is a HUGE difference between 'poor' and 'broke'. There is a HUGE difference between 'wealthy' and 'rich'. We are living RICH, we are living life with a heart of gratitude, focusing on the blessings in life. Wealthy is a matter of money, RICH is a matter of the heart.

We are living RICH by living life to the fullest enjoying all the wonderful blessings God gives. Life is 'rich' when you choose to open your heart to all of the little things that make life so sweet. Cherishing simple things like breathing in fresh air, receiving flowers from a child, relaxing in a warm bath, sinking in to a freshly fluffed pillow, driving a paid for vehicle, soaking up a beautiful sun set, eating a meal fresh from the garden.... Experiencing and reflecting on special times spent with family and friends. Mary, the mother of Jesus, 'stored up these things in her heart' (she stored the experiences of Chirst's early life in her heart to reflect on later). Life's greatest treasures are not things purchased at the mall (or even at Target... gasp....), the greatest treasures are the every day blessings of life.

Choosing to be RICH means slowing down, FOCUSING on the positives, SPEAKING gratitude and slaying the "gimmies" (children are not the only ones that get these). Choosing to be rich requires a heart of contentment. Thankful for all we have, not restless for things we want, realizing that having more will never satisfy the deep longings of the heart. The heart longs for things that really matter, trying to fulfill these longings with stuff only deepens the need.

I AM rich! I CHOOSE to focus on the little blessings in life that add up filling my life to the brim with true treasures!!!! Count your blessings and name them one by one!
My 'Frugal Friday' tip of the week is: Think about the longings of your heart. Can they really be filled by that next purchase?? You are not poor because your budget does not allow you to spend freely on all you want. CHOOSE to be rich by living a RICH life... a life lived enjoying the simple things! Challenge yourself to LOOK for the many wonderful simple things that make your life RICH!! Dwell on these, not on any lack. For more Frugal Friday ideas visit



Leanne said...

awesome you ever notice that so many "rich" people in our culture lead very sad, very miserable lives!
I love this frugal friday tip...

Kim said...
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Brooke said...

thanks for the great post.

"requires a heart of contentment"

contentment is a constrant struggle for me. with money, with my body, with my life.

Samantha said...

This is a wonderful tip and post.
I am rich in Gods blessings and so thankful. Your post is a true blessing, thank you so much for sharing !

Niki Jolene said...



chris said...

Great Post-thanks for the reminder about what really counts!

Amanda T said...

I love this! I really do feel rich. Although, by society's standards I'm poor. I just don't feel it.

Abbi said...

Great post. You said very nicely what I have felt. I am rich even when I don't have a ton of money in the bank.