Thursday, April 2, 2009

101 ways to CHOOSE SIMPLICITY (11-15)

Choosing Simplicity, one baby-step at a time. Have you ever seen your house get more organized without thought? The natural order of things left to their own is chaos. Ever seen a cluttered counter just become uncluttered without purposeful action?? Life is not naturally simple. Ever since the great fall in the Garden of Eden life's natural bent is towards chaos. If only my house would stay clean, organized and beautiful all without DELIBERATE action against chaos!

Choosing Simplicity understands that life is not in any way naturally simple and that we never get to quit "fighting the fight". We constantly have to "weed" more than our gardens! We have to weed out stuff, attitudes, words, choices, schedules, etc..... ! Choosing Simplicity means that we are deliberate about creating a simple life by eliminating as much chaos as we can.

This is part 3 in the 101 ways to Choose Simplicity series. Click here to read them all. Some of these baby-steps are practical actions that we can implement and others are matters of the heart. It is truly amazing what a HUGE impact our heart attitude has in our lives! As Proverb's states: "As a man thinks in his heart, he is." Our thoughts turn in to beliefs that flow into words and actions. Having a "simplicity" mindset is absolutely key!!

101 Ways to Choose Simplicity #11-15

#11 Have a set and specific place you keep your purse and keys.
This one thing will eliminate hours of searching over your lifetime. Ever since I implemented this a few years ago I haven't "lost" my purse or keys since. It is also easy for me to ask a family member to get if for me since they know where it is!

#12 Decide to live RICH! Decide to create an "Abundance" mindset rather than a "poverty" mindset.
I wrote a whole post on this here. We can all live RICH... it has nothing to do with the amount of money in our bank accounts! Living RICH is choosing to focus on the abundance of little blessings in our lives! It LOOKING for the simple joys, the blessings, the memories. It is enjoying life.

#13 Use the timer!
Flylady teaches this constantly and you know what? It WORKS!!! We use our timer many, many times throughout the day. In fact the timer just rang signaling that my little boys could get out of 'time-out'. Got a task you are dreading? Set the timer for 15 minutes and work till it rings. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in 15 minutes. Only got 5 minutes? Give it a whirl! We also use our timer when we are getting ready to head out the door. I will set it and tell the children that when they hear it that means to get their shoes and coats on. I set it again and that ring means load up in the van. You can even use the timer to count your blessings! Using the timer to control computer time (or any other hobby) is also helpful. I can loose all track of time while I am on the computer or engrossed in a good book... the timer keeps life in balance!

#14 Clean out your closet! The Baby-step way to purging excess clothes.
Cleaning out the closet and dressers is a HUGE job. However, by breaking it down into small bites it will get done! Everyday tackle one shelf/drawer/section and continue it daily until all that is left are things that you love to wear! I know I need to do this again... get rid of anything I didn't wear over the winter. One small area each day will only take minutes and before you know it your closet will be completely cleaned out! Eliminating excess clothes (plus the ones that don't fit) is very freeing.... overflowing dressers and closets is stressful... it makes me feel frustrated. Choosing Simplicity means only keeping what I need and love! (The same method works with other closets/dressers in the house.)

#15 Shop with a list.
Knowing what you need and getting what is on your list will save you both time and money. If I don't have a list I will not remember everything I need and I will buy things I wasn't planning on. Having a menu plan is the first step and then a shopping list to make sure you have everything you need is the second step. Keeping an on going list on the side of the fridge is essential... nothing says I love you like never running out of toilet paper. It is extremely stressful when you forget something at the store and you need that one more item for supper! Having a list keeps you focused on what you need as well as keeps you out of the store for the "one thing" trips (that never end up being one thing)! (All of the Simple Family Supper menu plan kits come with complete shopping lists) Save time and money by using and sticking to a shopping list.

I would love to hear from you! Do you do any of these things?? How do they work for you?? Do you have any suggestions??



Samantha said...

Great ideas today, I do always shop with a list and put my keys
and purse in same place ( my son
and his new bride need to work on this one, keys are lost daily ! )
I need to do some closet cleaning very soon, it is on my to do list.
Have a blessed day !

Leanne said...

I do many of those things... the time thing is great because it also helps me to remember to STOP doing a task (because I can be very "task" oriented) and do something different like read to the boys or make a phone call! I love this series!