Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tour Tuesday.... remodel eddtion

Remember Tour Tuesday?? It has been a long time, but here is one!

Pictures of our Weekend project! It is on-going... a few more weeks till it is all done, but we are making BIG headway!!!

Here is Chris teaching Ethan (almost 6) how to grout. Ethan is a "Hands on" guy.... He will learn the trade! It will be a good trade for him to know how to do even if it isn't how he provides for his family someday. Chris is a patient instructor!

Now Ethan is doing HIS part of grouting the wall tile on the end of the kitchen island! It has been tiled for over a year.... finally FINISHED with grout! Looks great! Now, on to tearing out the TROUBLE tile in the dining room.... this was already here when we purchased this place six years ago.... NEEDED to go... Bad!!! Chris had lots of help.....(ok, not really!). Wes hauled out all the chipped tile and dumped it in the trailer! He is really getting stronger... sorry, I didn't take any pics of my Wes..... oops!
After putting down the new sub floor, Chris framed in the new COAT closet and pantry. Robyn is helping him with some electrical work.Dry wall going up on the coat closet and pantry. The door in the middle leads to the current laundry room/storage room..... soon to be a SECOND bath/laundry room!!! Yee-Haw!! TWO bathrooms!!!!!!!!!!!



Erin said...

wow very nice. we just finished our kitchen and basement. i can relate with it taking a long time...

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Nice...love the addtion of the pantry/closet...great use of space. We only have one bathroom, too...I'm glad you're getting a second one! Luckily I have boys only...so they CAN go outside if necessary. I get dibs!

Leanne said...

I love the pictures of Ethan helping!