Monday, February 9, 2009

An Early Heaven.....

"A happy home is but an early heaven!"
That sounds so sweet, but is MY home early heaven?? Do you ever think that, too?? Home life, well, LIFE, can be HARD!!! How do we bring some "Heaven to Earth??"

The first step is inviting the creator to abide with us. Without Jesus we can never experience true and lasting peace.... just no way... not in a world filled with strife, disease, loss and hate. Only he can give us complete peace through the storms of life!

The second step is to determine to have the right attitude! Life is going to go wrong from time to time. Things are going to happen. Milk is going to be spilled. Choosing first thing EVERY morning to face the day with a positive attitude will go a LONG way! (Come on... we can fake that we are happy.... it won't kill us!) If the milk is going to get spilled I can either bring my child to tears by my tirade or I can use it to teach my child that everyone makes mistakes and everyone has to clean up their own messes. Build up or tear down... it is my choice. Tell yourself HOW to feel... Just like doing your hair, getting dressed and putting on make-up.... "DO" your attitude!!!! Don't walk around with "bed-head" attitude!

Third, Aim at a target! Determine (through prayer and with your husband) what your TOP priorities are. Then the secondary priorities... followed by "extra" as time, energy and money allow. I rarely get to the "extras". If you have 5 top priorities for the day focus ALL of your effort, energy time and mental effort on those things, then move on to the secondary priorities ONLY after the TOP priorities are met. At the end of the day we can all tell where we "shot our arrows"! Did we even HIT the target today?? Was I even AIMING at the target?? If I am not AIMING at my top priorities, I will MISS them every time!!!! This takes SELF CONTROL!!!! Make sure you include some fun in your top priorities. Fun and REST!!! We NEED fun, We NEED rest!!!

Starting the day off on a positive note, focusing on the very important things first, really is POWERFUL!!! Really the day starts the night before. Getting to bed on time is key! Having a positive attitude is very hard when we are sleep deprived. Also, we NEED sleep to give us energy!

I will post my TOP and SECONDARY priorities tomorrow.


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