Sunday, February 15, 2009

A FULL love tank!!!

At the tail end of Valentine's weekend my LOVE tank is FULL! The funny thing is it doesn't really have anything to do with Valentine's day.... I really don't like "forced" gifts... I much more treasure the random wildflower picked along side the road "because I saw it and knew you would love it"! Anyway, Hubby FILLED up my love tank by working on the house! We are slowly but surely tackling projects in our 98 year old farm house.

I will post pics soon... I am much too dusty and tired to do it now, but I have FINISHED ceramic tile in the kitchen, NO tile on the dining room floor (Chris got all the NASTY tile we inherited with this house out!), and he framed in the new coat closet and new pantry. We are getting ready to dive into the laundry room/ second bath project..... it will be a long one... pay as we go....!

Well, my house is a mess...... but my HEART is full of love! I really enjoy spending time working with my husband.... we have fun and get things done!!! I can live with a little more dust for a while... the wood stove makes so much anyway we won't notice a little more!! LOL!!


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