Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good morning! Indeed it is a good morning here at our little "homestead"! Saturdays are the only sleep-in day around here, although hubby was off to do some work before 7. The kids are all outside playing.... we are experiencing a MUCH NEEDED warm front! Yesterday hit the mid 40's and today's high is expected to reach the mid 50's!!! The wood stove is getting a break during the daytime, though will warm our home over night. The snow has almost all melted and the winds are working to dry up the big puddles. It is a kind of day that reminds you that winter doesn't last forever!!!

As I type I am listening to the washing machine agitate... oh how blessed I am to have running water, a washing machine and a dishwasher!!! So much of the world's population does not have running water! Back in December when our power was out for 2 days due to an ice storm we realized just how much we take running water for granted!!!!! As Americans go through this "financial challenge" that is gripping our nation it is my prayer that we all wake up and realize how incredibly BLESSED we all are and how many things we take for granted!!!!

I said last week that I have a series on priorities coming.... I do... I just had to "live it out" before I could publish the posts! I don't want to just "talk the talk", but rather walk the walk.



tammi said...

We are indeed blessed. Your Saturday morning sounds much like mine ~ except our snow isn't melting yet. We're supposed to have several days in the next week or so above freezing, but the real melting won't happen for another month or more. :(

Unknown said...

I am SO happy to have found your blog!
We grew up cooking and heating with a wood stove and for a period of time without running water or electricity in the house :(
I too love my dishwasher and washing machine!

Kendra at New Life On A Homestead said...

Amen, we are truly blessed. I'm afraid that we are all going to see how much we have taken advantage of our luxuries as our economy worsens and reality truly hits home.