Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Priority scale

Establishing priorities and LIVING them out is easier said than done. I will just tell you that I have been STRUGGLING with this one!!! WHY?? Well, I think in part because I have been blogging about it. It seems to happen to me that as soon as I feel like I have an area "under control" enough to encourage others everything seems to fall apart!! I am REAL, I am HUMAN! I mess up more times than I ever want to admit. Right now my kitchen is a MESS... yet here I am typing!!!!! Check out Monica's post about balance... very good for me to read today!

So, with that said.... here are my priorities that I am aiming to live out every day. I am a part time work at home mom so my days are much different than a full time"pay check" mom (to use a flylady term). Each and every one of us are unique. My priorities might not be yours.... you have to follow what is best for YOUR life!!!

Top Priorities: (Spend my time energy and focus on before moving to secondary priorities)
  1. Time it the Word (includes doing and preparing the weekly Bible studies I am in)
  2. Building up and spending time with my husband (being a helpmate, friend and lover)
  3. Taking car of the children and training them up... also just "being there" for them
  4. Home making/Keeping the home/ cooking/ gathering/garden/animals/being frugal/ creating/ preparing/.... enough said!!!
  5. Stewardship of resources... managing our finances and keeping paperwork completed and organized
  6. Personal growth and development (I want to learn something new EVERY day!!!)
  7. Exercise and physical care of my body

Secondary priorities:
  1. Friendships and extended family
  2. Woman's Ministry (with Church, at the crisis pregnancy center, and weekly "mom's group" bible study
  3. Simple Family Supper
  4. Blogging/Facebook
  5. Reading, TV, hobbies (although some of this can be personal development... it is about BALANCE)
The problem comes when I jump to the secondary priorities before completing the top priorities because they are more FUN! Then I get side tracked and loose all sorts of time PLAYING rather than DOING what is really important!!!!! There is plenty of time to PLAY after I get the WORK done!! Isn't that what my parents worked so hard to teach me?? Anyway, I am on a journey... God isn't done working on me.. hasn't given up on me!!!



Erin said...

well said. i try to live by the "work now, play later" philosophy

More than Survival said...

The kid in me still always wants to PLAY, not WORK!!!! But if I make work fun then it is a win/win!!! Also, realizing that there is so much BLESSING in living out the right priorities and foolishness in not!

Anonymous said...

Amen and amen! I like this list...and may have to adopt it as my! And if it makes you feel any kitchen's a mess, too! xo