Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I want to be "Weird" like the Camerons!

According to the DJ on our local country music station (yes, I do enjoy my country music) yesterday was Kirk Cameron's birthday. The DJ made a point to say how "WEIRD" Kirk has gotten in the past few years.... know what?? To be a Christian and be called "weird" is a HIGH compliment that he should be proud of! The Bible says we are to be a "Peculiar People" compared the the world's standards. I hope I am "weird", too!!

Know one thing that is WEIRD about the Camerons?? Kirk and Chelsea have been married (first marriage for both of them) for 19 years!! By Hollywood standards that is eternity. Today I happened to be listening to past Focus on the Family broadcasts (listening while I clean is a great way to keep my going) and came across a recent two part series on Marriage that the Cameron's were on. If you have some laundry to fold or some dishes to wash turn this Focus on the Family Making your marriage a priority series on! ENJOY!!

Want to know more about the Cameron's?? At home with the Camerons is an interesting read from the Focus on the Family magazine.


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Jocelyn said...

If "weird" is wanting to only kiss his wife and be married for as long as he's been married (as old as I am, haha)... I'm all for weirdness! =D

Great post! =)