Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend Wanderings.... Link Love

I have been very blessed and encouraged by these following posts. ENJOY!

The Secret to Abundant Life!!! I LOVE this post.... really helps to keep our focus!

Walking along side my children..... the importance of my mothering my children! Encouraging!!

Keys to Simple Living! Oh, the truth in this post!

Musings on a Simple Life has a great post to help gain perspective.

Our personal temper tantrums tear our homes down! Such good conviction. Encouragement for me to really THINK about the impact of my words and actions!!

I'm gonna miss this all someday! The fact is that someday I will miss all these CRAZY moments of raising the children. Point: I must CHOOSE to live in and enjoy the moment!!!! LOVED this post!!

14 marks of a wise woman
. Continuing to GROW in these areas is what I want to do.


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