Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deer Down! MEAT in the freezer

Last night my handsome husband shot this BIG, 224 pound, 8 point buck with his bow. God is so good. Yummy meat for the winter and a good hunt.

The first two does (hubby got one and oldest son got one) I canned up. We LOVE canned deer meat and I am working on a "how to" post on canning deer meat. However, with this one we decided to do sausage and jerky.

So I now have 50 pounds of ground sausage in my freezer and 5 pounds of jerky meat marinating in the fridge. I will post the sausage and jerky recipes tomorrow... right now I am tired and the kids all need tucked into bed.

We ended up with 55 pounds of boneless meat. We process ourselves and are careful not to be wasteful, but we do trim off as much fat as possible (the fat is full of game flavor in addition to extra calories). Chris gave the hide to our taxidermy friend and in trade he is going to mount the antlers on a Oak board. God is good!!



Leanne said...

awesome!!! I'm sending this to Dana! Great picture!

nate.mckenzie.aouc said...

Did you ever get that "How to" post about canning venison done?