Friday, November 6, 2009

November Menu is up and ready!

November! The month of THANKSGIVING! I have to say that of all the fall and winter months this is my favorite one...... and I have so much to be thankful for. CHOOSING SIMPLICITY means choosing to focus on the blessings rather than on any problems or lacks. Gratitude is like a salve that heals the heart!

One thing I am very blessed with is my Simple Family Supper menu plan. Having a planned menu makes life so much easier. The November Menu is ready for you... I know it is a little late, but my menus never have dates, just 4 weeks of menu, shopping lists and recipes so that you can jump in with week 1 any time. This month is packed with yummy, family friendly, budget happy, easy to prepare meals. This plan utilizes 'Efficient' and 'Fast Track' cooking to make your life as simple as possible!

November Menu includes:
  1. Chicken Lime Tacos
  2. Crescent Cheeseburger Pie
  3. Pita Pockets
  4. Garlic and Tomato Chicken and Taters
  5. Corn Chowder
  6. Cranberry Pork Loin
  7. Texas Stew
  8. Herbed Chicken
  9. Southwest Stroganoff
  10. Philly Cheese steak
  11. Biscuit Topped Beef Bake
  12. Santa Fe Chicken
  13. Spaghetti
  14. Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
  15. Roast Beef Sandwich Roll
  16. Ranch Chicken
  17. Fall Stew
  18. Speedy Taco Feast
  19. Simple Roasted Turkey Breast
  20. Crunchy Turkey Bake
November Simple Family Supper Menu Plan Kit: Complete Organization
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This is what Cara Putman had to say about the Simple Family Supper Menu Plans:

"Last week, I used Heather's sample menus at Simple Family Suppers. Gut-reaction: I loved it and signed up for three months. Why did I love it?

1. Shopping was a snap. The grocery list was simple, organized, and easy-to-use. It was easy to go through the list and mark off what I already had. It took the pain out of shopping. And Eric can tell you how much I HATE grocery shopping.

2. The menus are SIMPLE. Most took fewer than five steps to complete, several even fewer. In most cases prep time was less than ten minutes. My idea of a good time!

3. Several of the recipes could be cooked in the crockpot or in the stove. So if I was organized, I could throw it together in the morning or early afternoon, and not think about it again until supper time. LOVE that.

4. My family ate all of the meals. That's a winner right now. Several of these types of plans that I've looked at before had fish, pork, etc. in each week's menu. I hate fish, and we don't eat a ton of pork. There are a few pork recipes in the January set of menus, but they continue to be recipes we would eat.

5. I didn't stress -- all week -- about what to make. Usually, it's 5 o'clock and I suddenly start to panic. What do I have in the house? What can I make? What sounds good? Etc.

So I signed on. And if you're a busy mom like me, I think you'll find this service one that can remove some stress from your life."

Cara is a published author of several books. I have really enjoyed her novels. Next time you are on the hunt for a good book dive in to one of hers!


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