Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mourning with those that mourn...

Today my local area is mourning the loss of a special man. Volunteer Fire Chief "Boggie" lost his battle to cancer. Today is his funeral service. Yesterday the family received the community to pay their respect for over six hours. He was a loved man. I did not know him personally, but my life was still touched by his life. His department of firefighters was one of the units that fought my parents house fire (the year before I was married). It took several departments many hours to put out that house fire... I have lived through that and was blessed by their dedication.

My children have been privelaged to visit the fire station for school field trips and we are friends with a few of the firefighters in Boggies department. It is a sad time, the department is like a family and they have suffered a great loss. Today, I mourn with those that mourn and salute a man that dedicated a large part of his life to serving his community. Today he will get a full honor fireman's funeral and will take his final ride in the beloved fire truck. My heart is with all of his family, his loved ones and his fellow firefighters. Boggie will be missed.

So as I salute this man I also want to thank all volunteer (and paid) members of the communtiy that dedicate their lives to serving us and keeping us safe. THANK you for your service!! May God be with you!


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Samantha said...

What a beautiful tribute.