Friday, November 13, 2009

Harvest... reaping what I have sown....

We don't farm, but we live in the middle of CORN country! Our farm consists of chickens, cats, dog and occasional pigs along with our garden, berries and fruit trees. Right now it is HARVEST season... reaping of what was sown in the spring. My husband has been helping our neighbor farm this year. He is learning all kinds of new things and having fun driving tractors and such!

Anyway, all this harvesting has me thinking about a Biblical principle that I try very hard to teach my children and to put into practice in my own life: we reap what we sow! Boiling it down to the Golden Rule. Sometimes I will admit that I don't always plant seeds I want to harvest! YIKES!!

These past few months have been a might bumpy for us. We are dealing with some difficult situations and the stress level has been elevated. However, one thing that God is continually trying to teach me is that everyday I am 'planting'!! I don't get to just let my attitude go sour or my words get edgy or my disposition be snappy just because life isn't fun. Fact is HE is the same yesterday, today and forever!! He will fill me with HIS strength EVERYday... not just the GOOD days... HE is faithful to me and I need to always keep my eyes on HIM and keep planting seeds I want to harvest!!

So, if you are like me and see fields being harvested right now use it as a reminder that our personal life is just like that... we plant seeds and then after time they have grown and produce a crop.... what crop are you planting??


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tammi said...

Good reminder, Heather. It's so hard to think in terms of future harvest some days, but definitely something to strive for.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

He is faithful...through it all. Good and bad. Love your heart friend! :)

Northern Farmer said...

It never ceases to amaze me the sowing and reaping in the Gospels. As a full time farmer the Gospels just explode with those teachings of Jesus. And its so easy to apply them to our whole life when we understand, (and believe), the truth behind them!

Hope your husband is enjoying himself in harvest season.Tell you the truth, its my favorite season on the farm and also in the Lord's service!