Monday, November 16, 2009

The day has finally come!!

Not even to 12 1/2 years old and my oldest son, Wesley, is TALLER than my 5' 9 1/2"!! I started guessing when he was a baby when he would surpass me and I hit the target... age 12! It is a NEW stage of parenting when your son is slightly above eye level!! Needless to say he finds this to be very cool!! He also wears a size 12 (mens) shoe and thinks it is cool that he is only one size off from his Dad's.

Robyn has found a new hobby: baking! We are the blessed recipients of her endeavors. Tonight she made (from scratch) chocolate chip cookies COMPLETELY by herself!! YUMMY!! I am so excited that she is finding joy working in the kitchen.... something we can do together! As my only daughter I have really been hoping that we could share some hobbies together.... the kitchen is fine with me!!

Each one of our children are so different from each other and yet share a part of my husband and I. We share special things with each of them.
  • Wes (TALL like his Dad) shares his love of books and thinking with me, his love of fishing with his Dad. Wes and I share wonderful conversations about all kinds of DEEP things like politics and living out our faith. He also shares my love of public speaking... Yeah!
  • Robyn has people skills like her Dad... remembers names from the first time... not me! Robyn and I share all kinds of great things... including our strong wills! Yes, her strong will is a blessing.... just have to keep praying that it continues to head in the right direction!
  • Ethan has my eyes, has my love of cuddles and has my fair completion. He also LOVES, NEEDS, just HAS to be busy with his hands... guess he gets that honestly from both his Dad and me.... we both enjoy keeping busy. (Surviving toddler hood with a boy that took everything apart was a challenge, but now he is happy to be put to work!)
  • Nate LOOKS just like his Dad. Nate makes the funniest faces like his Dad, but LOVES to write like me! He writes me "notes" all the time! He loves the written word and is so excited to be learning to read and write REAL words! He is also my 'baby' so I still get to hold on my lap more than any other FIVE year old I ever had... There are advantages to being the youngest!
OK... enough of my motherly sentiment... I need to get off to bed!! I am just CHOOSING to focus on the JOYS of motherhood and forget about the never ending chores.


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Leanne said...

that was such a sweet, sweet post! I guess I better prepare myself for Christopher to be taller than me in a few years! YIKES!

Samantha said...

What a sweet post, your children are precious, you are blessed.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

My kids had NO problem getting taller than me! I am only 5ft, on a good day, so my kids achieved that goal at very young ages!