Friday, April 10, 2009

101 ways to CHOOSE SIMPLICITY (16-20)

Have you ever noticed that the little stresses of the day add up and then all of a sudden feel over whelming?? Well, the reverse is also true.... all the little choices you make to Choose Simplicity add up and really do simplify your life! I am saying this to encourage you because sometimes implementing a small change doesn't seem like it is really going to make much of a difference.... but it does!! Each choice we make throughout the day, big or small, does impact our life.... we can choose a lot of little simple things that add up!! To read the whole series go here.

101 ways to CHOOSE SIMPLICITY #16-20

#16: Use a family wall calendar and teach everyone to write on it!
If it isn't on the calendar it isn't going to happen in our family. This one thing will save you a TON of stress.... you will know what is going on and you won't miss important events! My oldest 2 children are well trained. At ages 9 and 11 they faithfully write down things and check the calendar. Just this morning before my husband left for work we stood in front of our large calendar together and went over the week. Flylady teaches about the power of a calendar. The calendar has been an important part of our life for years, but as the kids get older it has become ESSENTIAL to keep track of their activities.

#17: Pick a small splurge to indulge in and then savor and enjoy it!
Living a simple life is often paired with frugality. I am an extremely frugal person... I want to get the most bang for each buck I have. However, I desire to enjoy life, no be some kind of frugal martyr. Choosing a small splurge (something completely non-essential) and ENJOYING it has been a new addition to my life this winter. My splurge of choice is half & half cream for my coffee. I savor my coffee! I make my coffee at home and then indulge in the wonderful creaminess of my steaming cup! Is it essential? No, but it is a wonderful way to kick of each new day! Do I feel guilty about the little extra in the grocery cart? Not at all!

#18: Don't be consumed with MULTITASKING!

Yes, there are certain things that are easily mulitasked such as folding the laundry and listening to a great teaching message (such as Focus on the Family or Family Life Today) or chatting with a child as you go about your work. However, multitasking actually can backfire. I know, I am going completely against modern culture, but I truely believe doing one thing at a time actually pays off. Give it a whril for a day: Try doing ONE thing at a time and giving 100% of your effort and attention to that task. I am past being surprised that I can usually accomplish more in my day and have better quality results by doing one thing at a time rather than 3! Focusing on one thing at a time also gives me the chance to TEACH my children how to do that task. They can work along side me and we focus together on that thing at hand. Another side benefit to doing one thing at a time is the ability to FOCUS on what I am doing and give my 5 senses a chance to absorb life! There are a lot of little things in life to enjoy that we miss because we are trying to do too many things at once!

#19: Eliminate, Eliminate, Eliminate STUFF!

Seriously, stuff accumulates at a rate that is hard to keep up with! The mass amounts of papers that my kids bring home from school is just one of many things that can quickly get out of hand. Elimination just has to be a part of life.... We save special things and special papers, but the rest go. Another way to 'keep' the cute things that kids draw and make is to take their picture with their creation! Children will enjoy looking through a photo album of themselves with their creations more than sifting through boxes of actuall projeccts.

#20: Keep a small trash can or bag in your vehicle to collect daily trash and empty it every time you get gas.
We live WAY out in the country so every time we go anywhere it is a drive. Therefore, I do allow my children to eat/drink in the van. I also allow them to color, read and play with a few toys. My van will NEVER win a 'cleanest' vehicle contest.... NEVER. However, having a trash can in the van goes a LONG way to keeping it nice. I don't have a garage so cleaning out the van and vaccuming it out doesn't happen much in the winter..... I am a wimp in the cold! Keeping a handle on trash goes a long way!

Your turn to share! Do you do any of these things to Choose Simplicity in your life?? What do you think about multitasking?? Do you have any ideas you could share? I always love to hear from you.



Leanne said...

I LOVE THE PHOTO IDEA FOR ALL THE ARTWORK...I never know what to do with it exactly...and I feel bad throwing it away (but I am not a clutter girl-so it gets pitched anyway)! Thank you for that tip!

tammi said...

You know, I totally agree with the multi-tasking thing. I've always thought it was highly over-rated (mostly because I'm not good at it!!), but I have always found I'm far more productive if I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to even TRY and multi-task. If I'm going to the basement to change the laundry, I might grab some meat from the freezer to thaw or something from the pantry, but that's about where I draw the line!! Even then, half the time I forget the food part and half to go back downstairs anyway!

Wilmaryad said...

Great tips! Great post! Great blog!

You have discovered the secret to a happy life; I'm glad you're sharing it on here :)

Rock on!