Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thrift stores are a part of our life...

I donate to them, I shop them..... They are FUN (you never know what you will find)! They save us a ton of cash.

This past weekend we realized that Ethan (our 7 year old) doesn't have any insulated underwear (long jons) that fit him. Chris has been taking Ethan deer hunting quit a bit and this weekend it got pretty cold. I let Ethan borrow some of mine (they did the trick, but weren't too comfortable for him scrunching up about 12 inches of extra length). To get him his own pair I hit the thrift store first. I was able to find him TWO pairs, a pair of fleece pants for Nate and a wonderful heavy gray fleece sweatshirt for Wes (ok.. he is hard to keep in clothes! since school started in August he has grown another inch bringing my 13 1/2 year old up to 6'2"!!!). I was able to snag all four of those things for $7.99 (including tax) for a break down of $2 per item. Yeah for second hand! After that while I was at walmart I checked the price on new insulated underwear. Cost?? $9 for a shirt and pants set. I love it!! We didn't need the shirt but to get him two pants I would have had to spend $18!

The only thing that beats a thrift store is a good yard sale... but since that is a summer time thing I will just have to enjoy my local thrift shops!



tammi said...

Good deals! All our clothes are "previously loved," too. I used to hate it, and I still sometimes wish I only shopped at thrift stores because I actually wanted to (not because I'm kinda FORCED to...!), but I've grown to really enjoy it. I just wish we had a better one closer by.

Kimberly said...

I made gift baskets for Christmas full of my homemade body products, canning and candles. I was so excited to go to the thrift store for all my containers especially bc all Christmas things were half off.