Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Choosing Simplicity... Choosing Contentment.

Ahh.... I hear it..."that is so sweet". What a nice idea. Actually, NO! Choosing Contentment is not sweet. Rather it is a BATTLE! Contentment goes against every cell in our flesh. We WANT more, we want different, we want perfection, we WANT, want, want!!

Choosing Contentment means taking up deliberate battle against our raging, wanting, desires. It is NOT easy. Am I trying to discourage you from Choosing contentment?? Definitely not. I am being honest.

Have you ever thought that you were the only one that Really, really, really struggles with discontentment? You are so not alone. We ALL have issues of WANT. We might not all want the same thing (and that enters us into comparison), but that isn't the point at all. Discontentment is longing for what we don't have rather than choosing thankfulness and joy with what we do have. It is a heart issue. aarrrgg... why do we have to have heart issues! Heart issues are a battle ground!! Take up the sword with me and join me in slaying this discontentment dragon.

I think that sometimes we fear that having contentment means we are 'settling' for less than we can be. That somehow we will give up hope at "making progress". Questions like "If I become content with my body will I just always be over weight?" or "If I become content with our income will we always be paying peter to pay paul?" We fear that life will somehow become LESS worth living if we give up WANTING. This is such a trick of the enemy. God's ways never seem to make sense to our earthly minds. Truthfully, though, contentment sets us free! Contentment gives us the power to LIVE RICH. Wealthy is a matter of money, RICH is a matter of the heart.

Will you take up battle with me?? Will you wage a war for contentment?? If you want some more inspiration hop on over to the Stay at Home Missionary and join up with her challenge. I am in! Are you??


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Abbi said...

I am so thank-ful to my parents for how they modeled contentment. They are very thank-ful people and have learned to thank God in whatever circumstances they are in. Seeing their example all my life has certainly made contentment come much easier for me. It is still however something I am constantly working on.