Saturday, November 20, 2010

Choosing Simplicity.... trust God for TODAY

"Give us this day our daily bread" as the Lord's prayer goes. I find that Choosing a Simple Life really does bring me back to living out the way of the word. Christ instructs us to trust him for TODAY'S needs. When I get all worried about things in the future my stress level rises. BIG. Time.

Sometimes we face situations that are HARD and we just don't understand how we can get through. However, don't have to worry about that... Trust God for TODAY!! Whatever the situation God's grace is sufficient for TODAY. I remember one particularly hard situation we were going through. I would get so weary and down because I just couldn't see the end in sight. My sister had some wise words.... Trust God for TODAY's bread! Strength for the DAY. She was so right.... Immagine that, God's word is true!

For some the holidays can be extra stressful. I often find myself wondering.. "How am I going to get all this done?? How are we going to afford this?? How am I going to handle being around that person?? Are my kids going to like their gifts??" You know what God is teaching me?? FOCUS on TODAY. Live in TODAY!! Don't let myself get all wrapped up in the stresses of tomorrow. God will be with me on those days. He is also showing me where I add stress into my life by trying to be like others and comparing myself to what everyone else is doing. There are so many unspoken expectations at the holidays that we think we have to meet. I am asking myself to take stock in what is really important. Focus on what really matters today and what God wants me to do with my day. I don't have to do everything, I don't have to live up to unrealistic expectations.

TODAY is what I have. TODAY is my life. I just know that CHOOSING simplicity involves saying a lot of "no". No to extra stuff, no to extra worry! ENJOYING the day rather than stressing about tomorrow makes a huge difference in my life. I can guarantee that my kids will enjoy the holidays a lot more with a relaxed mom than with a stressed out one.


What is for supper?? Eliminate this daily stress from your life!

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