Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Sad Mommy moment

Last night was Kindergarten Round Up (Enrollment).... for our youngest, Nate. Happy. For Nate. He is growing up to be a wonderful boy! Sad. For Me. No more little ones to be at home with all day. It is one of those mommy moments that sneaks up on you! When the boys (as we affectionately call the youngest two) were little there were many days I didn't think I would survive their childhood! They were BUSY boys! My Grandmother even embroidered a wall hanging for me that says: "Mothers of little boys work from SON up till SON down"! So TRUE!!

I am HAPPY for Nate... I wouldn't want him to stay a baby forever, but SAD for me... these Mommy transitions take some time to get used to. A few years from now it will be something else.... like my oldest getting his drivers license! Ok, YIKES, I'm not going to think about that!! Oldest, Wes, turning 13 this summer and Nate starting kindergarten is enough for me this year!!


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Leanne said...

yeah...its good to take these things in small doses...

Jennifer said...

I know what you mean. As great as it is to see the kids grow, it is sad to see their childhoods pass. My youngest is in Kindergarden this year and it has been a struggle for me, but next year will be worse, when she is gone all day with the rest of them. Good luck!